Plackers Dental Floss

Plackers is a US company that makes and sells a range of plastic dental flossers, rather than conventional string or tape. It also makes other oral health products such as toothbrushes, tongue cleaners and mouth guards to prevent teeth grinding at night.

Plackers actually claim to have invented the first dental flosser in 1972, though a version of the product is now sold by most oral hygiene companies. Consumers can choose from a range of different models, depending on their oral healthcare needs, but all the Plackers dental flossers are made from robust plastic that won't break or snap during use and that are easy to grip well, even during thorough flossing sessions.

The Plackers range is latex and gluten free to avoid allergic reactions and should only be used once before being thrown away. The dental floss used in the Plackers products is unwaxed to prevent a build up of wax between the teeth during use.